eVetPractice June 2020 Release - Bug Fixes and Performance Improvement

The following changes are available when your practice automatically updates to version 2020.6.7481.* or higher. To see if your practice has moved to the latest release, click the help icon https://se5.evetpractice.com/Images/support.png in your quick-launch links. 

This release includes the following changes:

  • Implemented improvements to the usage report and controlled substance report to increase performance.
  • Optimized the Search feature to avoid performance impact.
  • Addressed deleting Forward Booking issue.
  • Users with a new password will no longer be required to enter their password twice.
  • Enterprise log in issue is resolved.
  • Fixed patient reminder satisfy issue.
  • Client Referral search issue is resolved.
  • User with permission can view client's sensitive data, i.g., SSN and Driver License
    • A new permission has been introduced under Employee Setting> Employee Rights> Miscellaneous> Can view sensitive data. This permission is enabled by default for employees who has Business Owner or Business Manager rights.mceclip0.png
    • Employees with this right enabled can see the option (Show) to view clients' Social Security Number and Drivers License. To view, click the Show link next to the field, the field will display in text. 
    • mceclip1.png


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