Setting up tier pricing

Your clinic may have cases where you want to charge a different amount for an item if a customer buys in certain amounts or in bulk.  eVetPractice has the ability to accommodate that through tier pricing.  This is available for all billable item types, although it is primarily used with inventory items.

To get started, edit the item and check the "Has Tier Pricing?" checkbox.


Once this is checked, a new window will appear that will let you configure your tiers and their repective pricing.


By default, there will not be any active tiers.  You can activate one by clicking on the red dot.  Like other parts of the program it will change to green and you can enter pricing on the left.  If you need another tier, you can activate the next one below it and repeat as needed.  An explanation of each field is below.

Min Quantity - The client will have to purchase at least this many to get the pricing

Markup - If your clinic uses markups to control pricing, you can set a markup here so the tier prices update when you receive new inventory on a purchase order

Price - Unit price that should be charged at that quantity or higher (each)

If you have multiple tiers, the price will change once the next Min Quantity is reached.  Here is an example of a tier that has been set up and how pricing will be handled.

In this example, tiers have been configured for 3, 6 or 12.  Even though it isn't in the screenshot, the item's regular price for this example will be $12.00.  Pricing would be these amounts as the quantity of the item is increased.

1 - $12
2 - $24
3 - $30 (Min Quantity of 3 price kicks in)
4 - $40
5 - $50
6 - $54 (Min Quantity of 6 price kicks in)
7 - $63
8 - $72
9 - $81
10 - $90
11 - $99
12 - $96 (Min Quantity of 12 price kicks in)

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