eVetPractice Telehealth Integrations


eVetPractice has many telehealth integration partners available through the Covetrus Connect global partner marketplace. Covetrus Connect is a secure, permissions-based integration platform connects Covetrus PiMS with most major partner services and apps, covering areas such as prescription and appointment management, business analytics, client engagement, diagnostics, and training. The technology services available through Covetrus Connect help practices provide better patient care, improve practice workflow, and increase profitability.

These partners provide telehealth consultations (primarily through mobile applications) via chat, phone, and video communication. They will be able to read demographic data (client and patient information) as well as appointment details to facilitate the virtual consult. Once the consult is complete, the partners are able to write-back resulting notes from the consultation to the medical history as a note on the medical record within eVetPractice. Payments are handled by the partner application, and the veterinarian is able to monetize their time per their agreement with the partner.

Current List of eVetPractice telehealth integrations include:

Getting Started

To get started using one of the telehealth integrations listed above, you will need to reach out to partner website to establish business relationship and begin setup process. The partner will then work with the Covetrus Connect team to get you setup and integrated with eVetPractice. Note that it is not necessary to contact eVetPractice support directly in order to get setup.


*If you have questions or need support with these integrations, reach out to techops@vetdata.com. 





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