Quick Links

Available to all practices soon...

The new and improved Quick Links are introduced in April 2020. These Quick Links are designed to be touch-friendly and easier to access. They are customizable so you can choose features that your team would like to have quick access to from medical record.

By default, you will have access to the top most used* 20 features. The first ten are visible while the next ten are hidden and expandable. The rest of the features are setup as not shown.

*Based on all practices analytic tracking result


To access hidden Quick Links, click on the small expand button mceclip1.png. Hidden Quick Links will appear. To hide them again, simple click on the small collapse button mceclip3.png.


To customize Quick Links for your practice, go to settings mceclip5.png and expand Medical Record Settings section


Select mceclip7.png next to Quick Links to expand customize Quick Links area.


Use your mouse to drag and drop Quick Link buttons to Visible, Hidden, or Don't Show column. You will be able to see the effect of your change instantly from the Preview area.

  • Each link placed in the Visible column will be automatically visible on the medical record.
  • Each link placed in the Hidden column will be initially hidden on the medical record, but can be expanded into view.
  • Each link placed in the Don’t Show column will not be accessible from the medical record.

Enjoy customizing Quick Links to work best for your practice work flows. Be sure to select Save to save your changes!

 We have made some updates to quick link names. Please see below listing for reference:

Original Link Name New Link Name
Start Quick Invoicing Quick Invoicing
Checkout Client Check Out
Generate Estimate <Practice System Defaults Setting>
Add Communication Entry Add Communication
Create Smart Flow Create Smart Flow®
Sync Patient With Cubex Sync to Cubex
Exam Form  Exam
Generate Patient Document  Generate Patient Document
Treatment Treatment
Document Upload File
Medical Record Notes  Add Medical Note
Add Patient Weight Entry Enter Weight
View Vaccination Log Vaccination Log
Add Historical Lab Results Add Lab History
Print Rabies Certificate Print Rabies Certificate
Print Patient Label(DYMO) Print Patient Label(DYMO)
Email Client Email Client
History Form History Form
Reason for Visit Reason for Visit
Diagnoses Diagnoses
Anesthetic Monitoring Form  Anesthetic Monitoring
Canine Exercise Program Physiotec®
Create Vet Dental Chart Create Vet Dental Chart®
Print Patient Label(PDF) Print Patient Label(PDF)
Print Cage Card Print Cage Card
Print Cage Card (PDF) Print Cage Card (PDF)
Email Rabies Certificate Email Rabies Certificate
Plan Plan
Create Historical Vaccination Entry Add Historical Vaccination Entry
Schedule Appointment Schedule Appointment
Print Patient Label Print Patient Label
Print Cage Card (DYMO) Print Cage Card  (DYMO)


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