eVetPractice April 2020 Release

These features will be available when your practice automatically updates to version 2020.4 or higher. To see if your practice has moved to the latest release, click the help icon mceclip1.png in your quick-launch links to check.

  • Telemedicine - This feature will help your practice facilitate basic video and chat consultations with your clients, and can be used to add a more personal touch for curbside pickups. 
  • Workflow Enhancements -  the Quick Links options have been re-designed to be mobile friendly and to help you and your team navigate through your workflow more fluidly.
  • Report Performance Improvement - starting with group practices, we have fine tuned data fetching when running Sales, End of Shift, and VSD report. We are working on improving these reports for non-group practices next. 


The team has been working very hard to enable virtual visit capabilities directly accessible from within eVetPractice. 

Use of the telemedicine feature involves no additional contract. There will be no charge to any customer for this feature, it is included with your current eVetPractice subscription. In the future, the telemedicine feature will continue to be available at no cost for all customers on the Standard/Premium tiers. If you are a customer that is still on the 'old' eVetPractice pricing, it will also continue to be included in your subscription. To learn more, click here

Quick Links

Your Quick Links Just Got a New Look! We have made updates to the Quick Links area of the medical record to allow for easier navigation and more touch friendly buttons. You can also customize the priority and placement of these links to fit your practice work flows. 


To customize Quick Links, go to Settings mceclip5.png > Medical Record Settings > Quick Links > Customize mceclip7.png

To learn more, check out  help article here.

Performance Improvements

Improvements have been made to Sales, End of Shift, and Veterinary Services Delivered Report to optimize performance. In this release we are starting with group practices where large reports are executed. we are targeting to release changes for single practices very soon.

Other Bug fixes and Enhancements

  • Display warning when emailing Exam form with attachment too large
  • Print cage card is available as a Quick link
  • Boarding report - add cage type to report filter options
  • Forward Booking enhancement - add more options to duration
  • Vet Rocket bug fix - addressed incorrect account routing when switch to group practice
  • New appointment writeback API that prevent double booking


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