eVetPractice March 2020 Release

These features will be available when your practice automatically updates to version 2020.3 or higher. To see if your practice has moved to the latest release, click the help icon mceclip1.png in your quick-launch links to check.

Performance Improvements

  • Refactoring of the Payment History page to allow for better performance when viewing customers' historical transactions.

Employee Rights

  • The Settings section under Employee Rights has been expanded to allow for the option of Ability to manage document templates to be designated to additional user roles outside of Business Manager and Business Owner.


Vet Rocket DICOM Integration

  • We have improved the Vet Rocket workflow. Manual removal of modality worklist is no longer required when a Vet Rocket procedure is removed or declined from the medical record.
  • If your patient has mixed breed indication on his/her profile, both breeds will be included in the study transmission. In the example below, the breed on Modality Worklist (MWL) will appear as "Beagle/Boxer"


  • You can now include workstation information to the study transmission. This will come in handy if your practice has multiple machines with the same modality. You can now specify workstation from your Vet Rocket procedure settings, under Advance Settings. Please note that these fields are not required.

  • Clicking on Advance Settings will bring a small dialog allowing AE Title and Station Name to be entered.




Email Medical Record

  • When attempting to use the Email Medical Record feature, an alert will appear notifying you when an attachment is too large to email from the Medical Record and prompting you to use the Email Medical Record by Selection feature and/or select fewer records. Many email providers have in place a specified size limit for sending or receiving emails with attachments. By alerting you when you are attempting to send an email with attachments above the size limit helps to reduce the number of undelivered emails.


Bug Fixes

  • Vet Rocket study scheduled start time is now in proper format for allowing the worklist to appear in the right order. 
  • When creating Estimates for a patient, if there are items added with tier pricing, and the Minimum and Maximum Quantity values are set, the Pre-Tax and Post-Tax Price at the top of the Estimate should add up properly.
  • Receipt numbers should no longer duplicate, but instead, move to the next consecutive number without issue.
  • Random exception issues when creating new appointment has been resolved.
  • Resolve VetScene reminder export issue
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