eVetPractice February 2020 Release

These features will be available when your practice automatically updates to version 2020.2 or higher. To see if your practice has moved to the latest release, click the help icon mceclip1.png in your quick-launch links to check.

  • After our initial release of Vet Rocket integration in our January release, we are releasing additional enhancements in this February release to provide a better experience for grouped practices who want to share Vet Rocket studies across locations, along with additional image informational fields. If you want to learn more about Vet Rocket DICOM integration, see our article here
  • You gave us feedback, and we listened! We are giving you more flexibility to receive inventory according to what works best in your practice. You can now receive your Covetrus inventory without needing to create a lot. 
  • Practices can now have greater control over medical record permissions. A new user-level permission has been added that allows practices to give employees rights to remove treatment items from the medical record. 

Covetrus Ordering Update - Receive Without A Lot

In this release, you can now receive your inventory through Covetrus ordering without having to create a lot. Options to receive an order, with or without a lot, are available in the receiving module.

To receive without using a lot, simply de-select the "Use lots" option and selecting "Start Receiving" to begin receiving. Please note that the ability to receive without a lot is only applicable to inventory items with no lots created. For example, if an eVetPractice item already has lots created, the option to use a lot will be selected and disabled, allowing new lot(s) to be created when receiving. 


Employee Rights

When setting up or editing an Employee, a new Employee Right has been added for allowing whether or not a user can remove line items from a treatment or invoice.


  • When this is enabled, the user should be able to remove treatment items as they can today.
  • When disabled (unchecked), it should restrict the user from being able to delete any billable item off of the treatment or invoicing screen.
    • Remove button will just be greyed out
  • Estimates will not be affected by this change
  • This right is defaulted enabled for all existing employees, as well as any new employee you create

Unsupported Browser Notification

If you are accessing your eVetPractice site from an unsupported browser, you may start seeing the notification message recommending browser installation or upgrade. Using the most recent browser version will allow you to have the best experience using eVetPractice, and ensures you are using latest security features. You can still log in to your eVetPractice site by closing the window and continue with your log in. To learn more, check out System Requirements FAQ.


Bug Fixes

  • When using the client classification filter in the Sales Report, it should not display transactions from other practices (If you are part of a Group). Only the transactions performed by the practice you are running it for, with the "Include All Practices" filter turned off, should display.
  • Wellness Plans will no longer be available to add in an Estimate
  • Certain scenarios where special characters would show up instead of the actual text, when printing a patient's Medical Record, should no longer display in the PDF.
  • If you are using the QuickBooks Online integration, when a billable item task is sent to QuickBooks from eVetPractice, it should send the Revenue, Expense, and Asset account data, provided that it is defined in the setup.
  • When directing to a practice from the Enterprise Dashboard, logged in as an Enterprise user, it should no longer give you an error when attempting to create a package under the practice-level.
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