Scheduling Workflow Enhancements

Great news! The workflow to schedule appointments from the medical record has gotten a lot easier in the January 2020 release! You can now see your practice availability when scheduling a new appointment from the Client and Patient Medical Record page. 

From Patient Medical Record

You can start Scheduling workflow from two places: 

1) By selecting Schedule Appointment under Patient Highlights area OR


2) By selecting Schedule a Visit link under General Information tab


Selecting from any of the 2 links above will navigate you to Resource view calendar. If Resource view is not enabled for your practice, you will be taken to Week view calendar instead. You will see a note on top of the page (1), indicating that you are scheduling a new appointment for the patient you were viewing on the medical record page. The patient will automatically be assigned to the new appointment you created. 

From the calendar, you can select the time you wish to schedule a visit for your patient. If the day doesn't work, you can navigate to a different day using Forward/Backward arrows (2) or navigate to Month/Week/Day view (3) to find the day that works for your client.


Selecting a time slot on your calendar will populate the Add Visit prompt with the patient pre-filled. 


Helpful note: If you need to schedule a visit for other patient before completing this workflow, you can select Cancel from the Scheduling notification area to terminate your current scheduling workflow. This will allow you to schedule a new visit without the patient pre-filled.

You can update the appointment time and other information before selecting save.

To hop back to your workflow, simply click on the appointment you just created and select your desired area, i.e., Patient Medical Record page, Client Page, Or Quick Invoicing page.


From the Client page

You can start this same scheduling workflow by selecting Schedule a Visit for link located under Visits section


If the client has multiple patients, you can use the drop down to select the patient you wish to schedule a new appointment for.



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