Forward Booking

Forward Booking is a new feature released in January 2020 designed to make scheduling follow-up appointments easier. Follow up requests can be created at any point during the exam from the Patient Medical Record page, allowing the follow-up requests to be fulfilled later by anyone else from the Check Out page or from the medical record page.

Creating Follow Up Request

On the Patient Medical Record, you'll see a new Follow Up section within the Patient Highlights area. 


To add a new follow up request, click the Add Follow Up link. A follow-up prompt will appear.


Select a timeframe using the drop-down and add any Notes. The selected time frame will be used to calculate the appointment date and the Notes will carry through to the Appointment Description. Select Save to add the follow-up.

The newly added follow up will appear. You can edit (1) or remove (2) the follow-up record entirely. More follow-ups can be added by selecting the link previously used (4). When you're ready to schedule, just click the calendar (3) to schedule the appointment.   


Created follow ups will also appear on Client Check Out page. You can edit or remove follow-up records from here as well. You can also schedule these appointments by clicking the calendar icon.


Schedule Follow Up Appointment

Once created, Follow up records will appear on Patient Medical Record and Client Check Out pages until they are scheduled. 


Clicking on the calendar icon will navigate you to the Resource calendar view. If the Resource view is not enabled for your practice, you will be taken to Day calendar view instead. The system will show the day indicated by the follow-up timeframe. In this example, the follow-up record was created on 1/7/2020 with a 2-month time frame. The suggested appointment date is 3/7/2020. Note that if the appointment date lands on a day your clinic is marked as closed in your Hours of Operations (e.g., Sunday), the system will use the next business day.

From the calendar, you can select the time you wish to schedule the follow up appointment. If the day doesn't work, you can navigate to different days using Forward/Backward arrows (1) or navigate to Month/Week/Day view (2) to find the day that works for your client.


Selecting a time slot on your calendar will populate the Add Visit window with the Patient and Description from the follow-up. You can update the appointment time and other information before selecting save. The checkbox to Remove Follow Up Request is automatically checked to remove the prompt from the patient record and checkout views. If you want to create more than 1 appointment for the same follow up, you can always deselect this option and follow the same workflow. 


To hop back to your workflow, simply right-click on the newly scheduled appointment and select where you want to go (Patient Medical Record, Client, or Quick Invoicing).


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