Enterprise Selective Sync

If you are an Enterprise user, we have provided the ability to more easily manage your Billable Items at the top-level, to where you can "Selectively Sync" which billable items, and their properties to the practices you choose.

When logging in as your Enterprise user, you will see a new section in the Enterprise Dashboard called Selective Sync.

  • If you have previously performed selective sync's, you will see a history of them here. It will provide you with the Date, Employee, and a Summary of what was synced.
    • Clicking the link under the Summary will open a window to review the details of the sync.


Click Create a Selective Sync to start

Select the Practices you wish to include

  • If they are part of a Segment, it will be displayed next to the practice name in parenthesis.
  • Click Next when ready


Select the Billable Items you wish to sync

  • The list is ordered by Billable Item Type, Category, then Name
  • Click Next when ready


Select the Properties of the Billable Item(s) you wish to sync

  • If one of the Billable Items you selected does not exist at the practice you chose, a new one will be created at the destination practice, will ALL properties. Only for items that already exist at the practice will only sync the fields you are selecting on this page.
  • If a Package was chosen in the Billable Item selection screen, it is important to note the following.
    • You will be asked on this page whether or not you want to sync the Package's properties and configuration only, or if you would also like to create the linked billable items, if they do not exist at the practice.
    • The following Package component properties will be included in the sync (Applicable to the Billable Item Type).
      • Quantity
      • Minimum Quantity (Estimate)
      • Maximum Quantity (Estimate)
      • Service Fee Quantity
      • Service Fee Min Quantity (Estimate)
      • Service Fee Max Quantity (Estimate)
      • Price Override
      • Min Price (Estimate)
      • Max Price (Estimate)


Technical Note

The way Enterprise links the Billable Item to the practice is not by the item code or name, but by matching Replication Key, which only comes from when an Enterprise creates the item and it syncs to the Practice.

If the practice happened to change the code or the name of the Billable Item, they are still linked, because that Replication Key cannot be changed.

So to explain, when you are performing a Selective Sync and you chose a Billable Item code in Enterprise and expecting it to update the item at the Practice, and instead, it creates a duplicate, this is why. You would have to remove the "old" code and use the "new" one, created from the Selective Sync, if you would like to have them synced properly going forward.


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