eVetPractice January 2020 Release

In the January release of eVetPractice, we've focused on your feedback to deliver a release designed to help you be consistent in your follow-up and follow-through as effortlessly and consistently as possible! This release includes:

  • Don't forget to follow up! - We've completely redesigned the callback dashboard and workflow to focus on the task due dates and notify users when there are due or overdue callbacks. Click here to see what we've done.
  • Get your patients back in the door! - We've simplified scheduling appointments from the medical record and added an intuitive new workflow for defining and scheduling follow-up appointments from the medical record and checkout screens
    • Click here to check out Forward Booking feature (new)
    • Click here to check out the new scheduling workflow 
  • Drive enterprise consistency with less effort - We've added a new way for enterprise customers to selectively sync billable items (and even specific properties of them) across multiple locations without overwriting properties you want to keep. Learn more.


ATTENTION: As part of the Callback changes, the Create Reminder link has been moved from the Patient Quick Links to the header of the Reminders section, along with being able to Create Callback. The header will always display, even if they don't have reminders, so you don't lose the option to create them from the Patient Highlights.

With the callback changes, you may need to clean up old callbacks. You can find help to do that here.


The ability to order Cage Types for Boarding has been implemented. Under Settings | Boarding, you can now drag-and-drop Cage Types in the screen to be able to sort how you would like them to appear in the Boarding calendar, or the list of Cage Types that would be displayed when creating or modifying any Boarding reservation.

We've also enhanced the boarding calendar view with two sets of arrows, allowing you to put the weekend in the center and advance week by week!


Medical Records

When an exam form has a non-zero weight entered on it, upon save, a check was put in place to see if another weight history record exists for the same date.

  • If another weight history record does not exist, a new weight history entry is added
  • If the weight on the exam form matches the other weight history record, nothing happens
  • If the weight on the exam form is different than the weight history record, a prompt is shown, which informs you that you are recording two different weights on the same day and what you would like to do. You can either add a new weight history record or update the existing weight history record for that day.

Billable Items Setup

Deleting an Inventory, Lab, or Procedure Item will now check for any Packages it is currently tied to. If the item is included in any, eVetPractice will prompt you to warn that the item will be removed from the Package. This prompt is intended to allow you to reconsider deleting the item and to make adjustments to existing packages as needed.

Wellness Plans

When changing the quantity of an item that exists on an active wellness plan, the new quantity may exceed the quantity remaining on the plan. eVetPractice will now prompt you if the quantity is exceeded to avoid providing more of a plan-related discount than originally intended. 

  • When adding any item that is covered by the plan, it checks to see if the entered quantity is covered by the plan. If it exceeds the quantity, a prompt comes up:
    • Clicking Yes will add the quantity that is remaining on the plan
    • If you would like to add more of that item to the treatment/invoice, it should be added as a separate line item at the standard price.
  • When changing the quantity of an existing line item on a treatment that is part of a wellness plan, the same check and prompt is displayed.

Credit Card Processing

When voiding a credit card transaction in eVetPractice that was linked to an integrated vendor, you will be prompted to decide whether or not to credit the payment amount back to the credit card.

  • A prompt is displayed asking if you would like to refund the payment amount back to the original card, or just void the payment in eVetPractice. You have three options:
    • Void Only
    • Void and Refund - If allowed by your credit card processor
    • Cancel
  • Clicking Void Only will display a message - You have chosen not to refund the amount to the customer. If you reprocess this payment, it's recommended to skip card processing to avoid a double charge.
  • The Payment History screen will now clearly indicate which option was chosen on the void action.
    • Under VOIDED, it will say - Amount was/was not credited back to the card.

Bug Fixes

  • When running the Cash Flow Report (Alpha) the amount paid was duplicating entries in the report. The payment totals should now reflect the amount of payment applied towards each invoice, not the total of the payment.
  • When copying a package, it should no longer care that billable items that are linked to each other were removed, which was causing an exception error previously.
  • The Payment Plan Report will now display a card status, if a card has been Inactivated or Deleted, to the end of the Card Name. They will also no longer show as a scheduled transaction.
  • When adding a PDF document to a patient, printing that document later with the Medical Record should display all of the contents of the linked PDF properly.
  • If using the VetScene integration with eVetPractice, the patient images should now be provided to them to use in their communication.
  • Also when using the VetScene integration, reminders that have been removed or inactivated from a patient should no longer appear as an actionable reminder for them.
  • When hitting the Enter key in the treatment details expanded view, the treatment should actually successfully save when the message "The treatment was successfully saved" is displayed.
  • The calendar will no longer provide an error when creating an appointment with no patient attached.
  • Vantiv is now displayed as WorldPay throughout the application
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