eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 19.120

Our December eVetPractice release focuses on getting your practice’s operations more automated and connected:

Digital Imaging

eVet now offers integration with VetRocket RocketPACS. RocketPACS is a product offered by Vet Rocket designed to offer secured cloud-based solution for storing, viewing, sharing and managing DICOM exams. This integration allows you to automatically submit an order (study) based on a procedure code from your eVet system. This saves you and your staff valuable time by skipping the client/patient entry in both systems and reduces the chance for missed charges. Imaging study can be viewed from eVet without having to log in to both. Everything you need to get setup for this new exciting integration can be found in this online article.

IDEXX VetConnect Integration

Viewing your IDEXX lab results just got better! With IDEXX VetConnect Integration, you can see your patient's full lab history from IDEXX. To view your patient's IDEXX lab results to the max, locate the new lab viewer icon from your IDEXX lab result under your patient medical record. You will need to expand the lab item to see the icon. Select the lab viewer icon and your patient's IDEXX lab will open in a new tab.





A new enhancement to the existing Reminder Associations function has been added! Instead of being required to satisfy reminders to specific billable items, you can now enter keywords as a wildcard, to satisfy active reminders on a patient when the billable item is invoiced.

Under the Edit Reminder screen, you will find Also clear reminders containing below the Reminder Associations.


Type in the keywords for a particular Reminder Name you would like to be satisfied when this reminder is added, based on when the billable item is invoiced. There is no limit to how many keywords you type in.

This is also very helpful for group practices, since they do not share a list of billable items. Now, reminders can be easily satisfied across practices, if the patient happened to get that reminder added under a different practice.


With the changes that were made in the last release, in relation to the Checkout workflow, we've now made it more visible to you that a credit will be applied!

If you happen to de-select at least one invoice from being paid against, and the payment amount is higher than the Total Due for Selected Invoices, a message will appear notifying you that a credit will be applied to the client's account.

Bug Fixes

  • Payments made with a credit card, through the Client Portal, will now apply against unpaid invoices, rather than making a deposit instead.
  • Scheduled runs of the Sales Report will now allow them to be editable, without displaying an error.
  • Using the Move Billable Item tool will no longer time-out due to updating previous treatment records.
  • Tier pricing on Estimates will now correctly calculate, regardless if it has a minimum or maximum quantity set.
  • The Rabies certificate template will now spell "Predominant" accurately.
  • When a billable item has tier pricing, but is included in a package with an override price, the package override price should be used in quick invoicing, treatments, and estimates.
  • When coping an exam form under setup, the new copy of the form should not include sections that may have been deleted in the original form.
  • The serial and expiration date prompt for vaccines should now work properly for Procedures.
  • On the Sales Report, for group practices, the tax recording should be based on the tax setup for the practice where the services were originally added/performed, not based on the practice actually running the report (if they are different).
  • After transferring an invoice to another client, any potential client-level discounts being used should come from the paying client, not the owner of the patient.
  • If your practice uses the enable locking for exam and history forms, the Save and Release function should now more reliably unlock the form, so it doesn't remain locked.
  • When printing the Practice Trending Report, printing the report to the screen should no longer present an error.
  • When entering a Rabies tag number, the item comments should no longer include HTML (\n\n) code with the tag number.
  • When creating a boarding reservation with linked billable items to the cage type, if the patient does not meet the current patient restrictions set on the linked items, the workflow will support it and not present an error.
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