Vet Rocket RocketPACS Integration


RocketPACS is a product offered by Vet Rocket designed to offer secured cloud-based solution for storing, viewing, sharing and managing DICOM exams.

eVet Vet Rocket integration allows you to automatically submit an order (study) based on a procedure code from your eVet system. This saves you and your staff valuable time by skipping the client/patient entry in both systems and reduces the chance for missed charges. Imaging study can be viewed from eVet without having to log in to both.


By default, the integration with Vet Rocket's RocketPACS is not enabled.  To enable Vet Rocket Integration following below steps:

  • Go to Settings mceclip0.png -> Integration Settings and locate “Enable Vet Rocket’s RocketPACS Integration. blobid0.png
  • Click the checkbox to enable this integration. Vet Rocket Account Settings section will appear. 
  • Expand the Vet Rocket Account Settings to setup practice account 
  • When user selects Save, the account settings are validated through RocketPACS API. If there is an issue, user will see a notification message. Typically, errors are caused by incorrect account information. Please make sure they are entered correctly. If you are still getting an error after confirming your account settings, please contact support.


         Once Vet Rocket’s RocketPACS integration is enable, procedures can be setup as RocketPACS item. 

  • To setup a procedure as a RocketPACS item, find the procedure or add a new one and navigate to Edit Procedure. Locate RocketPACS association checkbox  blobid2.png
  • Select the checkbox. Modality options will appear as a dropdown list. Select a modalityblobid4.png 
  • Select Save to save the changes. 

Create a New Study

To create a new study, you need to open a patient’s record, then add a RocketPACS procedure, which was created or updated in the previous setup steps.

When a RocketPACS procedure is added to Patient (by Quick Invoice, Treatment, or Package), the system automatically then transmit the client/patient/study information to the RocketPACS system.  Once the item is added, go back to the medical record view.

If you are viewing the record by groups, then you will notice a new section labeled “Imaging Studies”.


If you are viewing the record by date, then you will notice a new entry called “Imaging Study”.



The procedure you just added should be listed here.  The name, provider, and service date are pulled directly from the treatment item.  If you need to alter any one of these, please update the treatment item and the changes will be reflected on this list.  Please note, the changes do not automatically get sent to the RocketPACS service. 

From this list, you can click to view and you can remove.  Removing the study only removes it from this list.  It does not remove the treatment item as well.  If you need to remove the treatment item, you will need to remove it from the treatment page. 

However, removing the treatment item will cause the study to be removed from our system as well. 

Currently, performing any of these actions will not update or remove studies from the RocketPACS service. An enhancement to remove studies from the RocketPACS service when the procedure is removed or declined is coming soon. Please stay tuned!

Viewing Study

To view the study, locate the imaging study list in view by groups or the imaging study in view by date.  Click the magnify glass to view.

You will be taken to a new page that loads the RocketPACS viewer.  From here, you can work with the study as if you were in the full Vet Rocket Web Portal.



How it Works

After the procedure is added, an order is created through RocketPACS.  RocketPACS communicates with your onsite imaging system (xray, ultrasound, ct, etc..).  Then when you use your onsite machine (i.e. x-ray), search for order by accession/patient/client and process like normal.

The study is sent up to RocketPACS for storage.  At that point, the study in RocketPACSis linked to the patient's EMR in the eVetPractice system.  You can view the study at any time within your eVetPractice system. 

We don’t download the study (images), everything stays in the RocketPACS.  If you need to email/print study, you have to do that from the RocketPACS system and that can be done through the viewer that is loaded in the EMR.

Additional Notes

When printing the medical record, the imaging study is printed as a single line entry and the images are not included.  To send the study, you will need to send those from the RocketPACS Study Viewer. See email feature from the RocketPACS viewer below.





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