Inactive Client Report - Finding active clients without activity in a given time frame

To find a list of active clients who have not visited or made a payment in a certain time frame, you can run the 'Inactive Client Report' to obtain this information.

  1. To add the report, go to your Reporting Dashboard, select "Create" link.  Type in the name "Inactive Client Report", and select the Type "Inactive Client Report". 
  2. Go to the Employee Dashboard, and add the report right to each employee that should have access to the report. 
  3. Once the report has been created and rights have been granted, you can generate a new run of the report. The report will allow you to filter clients by "Last Visit Date", "Last Payment Date" and "Date Created Prior To".

FYI, there is not a way to update these clients to be inactive in bulk, but we hope to have this available in the future.

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