Adding Historical Vaccines

Tracking Historical Vaccines

Clinics often receives records from previous veterinarians stating vaccinations for a patient are current. When these vaccinations need to be entered into the patient medical record the staff can add them in through the “Patient Quick Links Box” in the medical record by clinic on “Create Historical Vaccine Entry.”

  1. Click on “Create Historical Vaccination Entry” from the Patient Quick Links Boxmceclip0.png
  2. The staff will be directed to following screen where they will enter the “Date Vaccinated” by the previous veterinarian


  1. They will have the option to choose from the Vaccine* dropdown which vaccine to enter. *Note: this list comes from the billable items checked off as “Is Vaccine?”mceclip2.png
  2. The next options Veterinarian (list of current providers within the practice), Veterinarian’s name, Veterinarian’s License, Veterinarian’s Practice Name, Tag Number, Serial Number, Manufacturer, Vaccine Expiration Date, Date Tag Issued are all OPTIONAL fields but will appear on the Vaccination Log if entered.                                                  mceclip3.png
  3. Dosage Type* will be defaulted to the setting listed on the “Is Vaccine” details of the vaccine chosen. *Can be changed from the dropdown menu if needed.


6. Sex* will be defaulted by the current selection of the patient. *Can be changed from the dropdown menu if needed.


7. Weight and Weight Unit will be default by the most current weight and unit for the patient at the time of entry and can be updated at this time.


8. If the vaccine selected from the Vaccine* dropdown has a reminder set up then the system will “Create Reminder” in the patient medical record when added historically


9. When complete click “Save” and the system will direct the staff to the “Vaccination Log.” Which will display all vaccinations for this patient entered historically or through treatment. When complete click “Save and Add another” to add additional vaccines. *Note: the system will save the information entered on the previous vaccine EXCEPT Vaccine* and Dosage Type.



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