Calendar Overview

The calendar within eVetPractice gives clinics the ability to organize the patient workload on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Clinics can personalize customized calendar columns, appointment types, appointment types durations and calendar blocks.


The clinic also have the ability to schedule boarding appointments using the boarding module to schedule for specific cage types and reservation type.


Visit Status’ are utilized by clinics who would like to know the progress of an appointment as it moves through the hospital. For example when an appointment is checked in, which room the patient is in, hospitalized and ready to go. The Visit Status can also place and remove the appointment on the electronic whiteboard in eVetPractice for staff to track as well.



Confirm Status’ give the staff the option to mark on an appointment that a client has confirmed, cancelled, rescheduled or they left a message about.


Reminders are also available for practice’s whom want to reminder clients of their appointment scheduled a specific number of days prior. Nightly Tasks will be where the clinic staff set up the automatic appointment reminder templates and duration of when the reminder will be sent. Appointment types must also be “included with nightly tasks” for eVetPractice or an integrated marketing partner to send the reminder.



Clinics also have the option to set up an appointment confirmation email or text *if clinic has an integrative marketing partner with text ability. To send once an appointment is scheduled. *Note this option will also send additional emails or text messages anytime an appointments is also “edited and saved”. Setting up the template for the email is completed under the Gear Icon and Email Templates. Also, within the General Section and Calendar Settings the clinic must enable this feature.





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