eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 19.90


In release 19.90, we’ve got some important workflow and data capture improvements for you:

Use Chrome’s spellcheck!

  • We moved controls from the right click menu to the top of text boxes to get them out of the way!

Accurate vaccinations

  • By prompting you to double check batch numbers and expiration dates when you vaccinate

Track costs more accurately!

  • By using lot-level costs without entering expiration dates

Share the right patient records with your clients

  • By allowing you to show inactive and deceased patients (if you choose) when your customers log in

Spell Check

The right-click context option menu in the comment boxes has now been removed so it no longer overrides the spell-check in Chrome. The same options that were under the context menu can still be found under the toolbar.



There is now an option to prompt for vaccine details before a certificate or proof of vaccine is generated. If a treatment item is marked as Vaccine, it will prompt with the Serial (lot) number, Expiration Date, and if a rabies vaccine, it will prompt for the rabies tag number.

The option to prompt has been added under General | Miscellaneous Settings.


With the prompt enabled. when a vaccine is added to the invoice, a message similar to the one displayed will appear:



Lots That Don't Expire

For inventory items, you are now able to use lots to track cost for items that do not have an expiration date by indicating that the item does not expire. This option provides inventory managers with the opportunity to create lots for items without needing to enter an expiration date. When lots are created, separate costs can be recorded for different shipments.

From the Inventory module, add or edit an inventory item. The option to Require Expiration Date on Lots? can be found in the Inventory Item screen.


  • If Require Expiration Date on Lots? is checked, then the expiration date will be mandatory when creating, editing, and receiving lots. This toggle will also cause these items to be included in the On Hand Expired report. -- By default, all items will have this option checked. 
  • If Require Expiration Date on Lots? toggle is unchecked, then expiration dates will not be required on when adding or editing lots.  It is applicable only for future changes.
  • Because prescription items (and their labels) always require an expiration date, any item with Is Dispensible? checked will automatically require an expiration date on lots if they are used. 
  • When determining which lot to use first, the system will first look to the Expiration Date and use the earliest one available. When Expiration Dates are not available (or when two lots share the same expiration date), the system will order them by the Date Created on the lot. 

Inventory Reports

The Inventory Report will leave lots without an expiration date as blank.


On Hand Expired

The On Hand Expired view will exclude all inventory items that do not require an expiration date.


More Display Options in Client Portal

For the Client Portal, an option has been added to show only active patients.

To enable/disable this feature, go to Client Site Settings.

Under General Restrictions you will find the option to Show only active patients?.



Users will not be able to re-open an invoice after a payment has been posted. Only after the Void Payment has been made will they be able to re-open an invoice.




  • When multiple payments have been made on an invoice that has been discounted, the invoice should not appear different on the individual receipts. They will display the same, other than the paid in transaction, paid to date, and amount remaining.
  • HTML tags will no longer show when viewing an active estimate from the Client Portal.
  • Viewing a declined item that had a reminder and clicking Save (without changes), should not re-activate the reminder. Only the action of adding the declined item back to the treatment should make the reminder active again.
  • Deleted patients will not be displayed in the Patient Report.
  • Boarding charges are updated accordingly when any change to the reservation is applied.
  • The price displayed on an invoice when a minimum price is split between clients, will be the correct amount being split based on the percentage ownership.
  • When printing the communication entry, the text should appear in the PDF like it does in the medical record.  It will not partially cut off a word and continue on the next line.
  • Packages that have inventory items listed under it, and are enabled for Cubex, should not fail or ignore the send to the Cubex cabinet.
  • When adding new treatments, the treatment added should be added to an invoice that is part of the same practice. In addition, a user will not be able to add a new treatment and have it go on an existing open invoice that is for another practice.
  • <pre> html tags in a medical record PDF will not cause issues with font size. They should be ignored.
  • The email address column has been added back to the Patient Reminders report for export to an Excel file.
  • A misspelling on the Delete Patient prompt has been corrected.





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