Adding a Boarding Cage to Inventory

Adding a boarding cage to inventory allows you to assign a cost to each cage, whether it be hourly, daily, or per visit. To add a boarding cage, we first suggest that you create an inventory category devoted to boarding. Navigate to the Settings Menu (Gear Icon) and then click on Inventory:


To create a new category, click "Add" next to the Category drop-down field:


Type in the name of your category. You can also add a description and discount for all items in that category, but this is not required. Click save when done.


Once you have created your new Boarding category, you can start adding inventory items to it.

It is important to note the values of fields for boarding inventory items are:

  • Measure should be "each"
  • Cost is typically $0
  • Price is whatever the rate should be whether it is a daily or hourly rate. If one cage has more than one rate (both an hourly and a daily rate), then you will need to create two different inventory items with their names reflecting whether it is the daily or hourly inventory item and the price marked with the corresponding rate.mceclip3.png

Here is an example of a boarding inventory item:


Once you are done, just click Save and add the inventory items you need for your practice.

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