Wellness Plan Setup

Wellness Plan Setup

By default, wellness plans are not enabled.  To enable, you can go to Settings, then under Miscellaneous Settings, there is an option to enable wellness plans.  Checking the option and saving will allow you to setup and use wellness plans. 





  • Navigate to the Gear Icon
  • Click on Packages
  • Click Add a New Packagemceclip3.png
  • The Package Management screen will appear.
  • mceclip4.png

When editing or creating a package/wellness plan, there is an option under General Information that allows you to indicate to the system that the package should be treated as a wellness plan. 


Once that option is checked, you then have the ability to configure more settings for that wellness plan.

  • Production Override-This is the production that will show on the Veterinary Services Delivered report when this wellness plan is charged under a provider.
  • Plan duration in days- This is how long the wellness plan is active/in date for.*Note: the plan will expire after this time period has passed in the medical record.
  • Out of plan discount- This will apply the percentage indicated on any items charged for that are not in the wellness plan and DO NOT have “Exclude from percentage discount” selected.
  • Auto Renew?- If the plan can be auto-renewed with the same plan or another check this option off
  • Choose Next Plan- this is the plan the system will auto re-new once the current plan expires.
  1. Code: The clinic has the option enter a code for this wellness plan.
  2. Name*: (required field) will appear when staff is adding a wellness plan to the medical record
  3. Common Name* an alternative to the Name* can show on invoices.
  4. Price: This field will reflect the Price* to the client for the duration so the wellness plan. Please Note: This price field is NOT TAXED and should only be used if your package is not taxable.
  5. The next three fields (Allow price change, Exclude from percentage discounts, and percentage discount) are exactly as they appear on inventory items, procedures, and labs. Respectively they are asking should an employee with the right to change prices be allowed to change the price of this package; should this wellness plan be excluded from any group/client discounts (everyone must pay full price); and to put an overall discount on this wellness plan because it is on sale for every client.

  6. This is an option to email the client the Client Education information when adding the wellness plan to a treatment. Typically this is only used if there are not any handouts associated to any of the billable items in the wellness plan. Please Note: This section cannot be printed, only emailed. Therefore it is typically recommended that you use handout tied to individual billable items in the wellness plan that will be printed or emailed automatically upon checkout.
  7. Restrictions can be applied wellness plans. Check off the "Has Restrictions" box then apply for specific weight, age, or species.
  8. Click Save once completed and the "shell" of the wellness plan has been created. Then the system will direct to the following screen:mceclip6.png
  9. The clinic can go back and edit the General Information of the wellness plan at any time (Name, Price, Client Education, etc.)
  10. The Restrictions can also be edited at any time (weight, age and species).
  11. Begin adding items to the wellness plan. "Add Item" will allow the clinic to search by name or code throughout all inventory items, procedures, and labs.
  12. Certain procedures, inventory items, or labs that need to add can be by any of the links through that particular billable item.

Go ahead and add all the items needed for the wellness plan.


Once the items that are included in the wellness plan are added make the following adjustments:

  • Click the edit pencil under “Quantity (Min/Max)” to adjust the amount that is included in the wellness plan for each item.
  • If there is any Price, Service fee, or Total Price differences then those must also be adjusted by clicking the edit pencil.
  • If any items pay production to a provider in a specific amount click the edit pencil to adjust this as well.

*Please Note: If there are any reminders or other settings set on the individual items then those will act accordingly in the medical record when used within a wellness plan

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