Handling a returned check

This article will step you through how to handle a returned check.  

There may be a time when you get a check from a customer that comes back from the bank as NSF, non-sufficient funds.  The following steps are an example of how to handle this.

1.  Go to the client screen and click on "View History"

2.  Locate the receipt that contains the check that was used in the payment

3.  Click on "Void Payment" in the upper left of the receipt and enter a reason for the void such as "Check returned as NSF"

4.  Go back to the client screen and you will see the invoice is now back on the account balance as if it had not been paid.  You can now add a NSF charge to the invoice

5.  Click on the description link of one of the items on the invoice.  You will go to the treatment screen

6.  Here you can add a procedure, if it already exists for the NSF Charge, and enter the price as the amount the customer would be paying for this fee.

If you do not have a procedure for this you would go to Settings gear icon > Procedures and then click on the "Add Procedure Item" link.   You would want to make sure that you enable the option "Allow price change" so that you can edit the price if needed.

Once the procedure is added to the treatment it will show on the invoice on the client screen.

You can then process a new payment based on the updated invoice amount.

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