Automatic Email Reminders

            When a reminder is manually created or set up from a billable item being invoiced as long as the reminder is listed as a General, Wellness, or Recheck reminder type this system will be alerted to send an automatic reminder scheduled on the “when to remind?” date. Also, appointments can be scheduled to send automatic emails when alerted. The main component to make sure the automatic email reminders send is confirming the Nightly Task for the Patient Reminder are Active.

To make sure the reminders on your billable items are set to a client-facing reminder type (General, Wellness, and Recheck). The Type* option when adding/editing a reminder on the billable item must be General, Wellness or Recheck.


When creating a manual reminder within the medical record that needs to send an automatic email the Type* must also be selected as General, Wellness or Recheck. This will generate to the client in an automatic email when scheduled to remind.




After the reminders have been set up and the clinic is ready for the system to start sending automatic reminders daily then “Patient Reminders” must be Active within Nightly Tasks.


*Note: If the clinic would like to review the email template prior to activating and edit the template then they will click the edit pencil to the left of “Patient Reminders”

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