Editing a Wellness Plan

Access the wellness plan tab from the patient medical record. Click on the pencil to edit to the left of the wellness plan from the Wellness Plan tab


To adjust the start and end date of the plan, type in the dated desired or choose form the calendar dropdown. To change the provider associated to the plan click on the “Provider” dropdown and select from the list. Click Save when completed. *Note: The provider of the plan will be locked in if the package level item has already been paid.  Only a Business Owner or Manager can change the provider after the package level item has been paid (same as for treatment items).

The wellness plan page will show the cost of the plan, the amount paid, and the amount remaining that needs to be paid.  To add the full amount to an invoice in the “amount remaining” click the green plus sign symbol to the left of the amount remaining. 


You can also adjust the quantity included in the plan and add the item from this plan to the patient’s treatment record.  The system will keep track of what quantity has been used and what is included.  When the quantity has been used, the system will charge the normal price and not the wellness plan price.

The system will also handle scenarios of removing an unpaid wellness plan item, declining a wellness plan item, and returning a paid wellness plan item.  These should be rare scenarios, but possible.


You are not required to add services from the wellness plan page.  You can still add services through quick invoicing and the treatment page as usual and the system will handle associating the services to the wellness plan allotments. 

However, if you add a service outside of the wellness plan page and that service has a quantity that exceeds the allotments, the entire quantity will be discounted at the wellness plan amount.  This should not occur very often as the typical items included in a wellness plan are generally whole amounts and not fractional amounts.

Ex. Wellness Plan A includes 5 cans of dog food.  The pet owner has already picked up 4 cans at an earlier point.  They come back in and want 2 more cans.  If you add the item from outside the wellness plan page, the system will consider both cans as part of the plan and give the same discount for both cans.  If you add from the wellness plan page, the system will present a warning indicating the staff member that they are exceeding the allotment.

In either scenario, the allotment of cans will be fulfilled and no more discounting at the plan price will be given going forward.  The best way to handle this is to add the cans twice, both with a single quantity.  The system will take the first added to fulfill the wellness plan and the second will be charged at the normal or out of plan discount price.


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