Updating Billable items Cost, Markup or Price in bulk

There is an option available for updating the cost, markup or price of billable items in bulk.

Note:  ** Pricing changes will NOT affect lot pricing, tier pricing, or package level pricing overrides. **

We recommend that when you first do an update that you select a specific category and/or item from the search options so that you can see the change that you are making. 
There is not a way to reverse the change.

If you go to Settings gear icon > Inventory ( or Labs or Procedures) you will see a section named "Update Options" that you can open.


There you will be able to select which one you would like to change by clicking on the check box to enable it.  You will then be presented with 3 new options:

Cost Increase by Percentage (** Increase Cost by X percent. **)

Cost Value (** Set Cost to specified amount. **)

Cost Decrease by Percentage (** Decrease Cost by X percent. **)


For the percentages you would simply enter it in as 10 for a 10% change.


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