Adding a Credit to a Client Account Balance

There may be times you want to give a client a credit on their account.  This could be due to them being a new or valued client.

There are a number of ways that you can add a credit to their account.

 Add a new treatment item with a negative price

You can create a procedure and set it to allow price change and exclude from production calculations. One reason to use the procedure is that it is not tracked in inventory. You would add the procedure to a treatment and enter the price as a negative number in the amount you want the credit to be. You could then process a $0.00 cash payment to process the invoice and the credit will be left on the client account.

You can use an inventory item but it would show negative quantity in the on hand amount.   It can be hidden on the medical record where the procedure cannot.

Add a deposit on the client screen

You can make a deposit to the account using a payment type that is set to be excluded from production calculations. You would process the deposit as a positive number and it will leave that amount as the credit. 

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