Adding a New Payment Type

Payment Types are used to specify what type of payment was used for a transaction.  This information will be included on your Sales Report and End of Shift Report. 

There are four payment types available to use:  Cash, Check, Credit Card and Other. 

  • Cash - Used for all Cash transactions.  When selected from the check out page, you will have the option to enter the Cash Recieved, and eVetPractice will calculate and display the Change Given.


  • Check - When used, the Check payment type will let you enter the check number, and the Deposit date.  You have the ability to set the Deposit date to a future date for held checks.  The check amount will not be entered as revenue until the date of the Deposit date.  This will ocurr automatically in eVetPractice during the early morning hours of the day. 


  • Credit Card - If you are using an integrated credit card vendor, you will always select a Credit Card type for all credit cards.  When a Credit Card type is used, eVetPractice will prompt you to select a terminal, enter the last four digits of the card, and will send the transaction to your terminal when you Process the payment.  If you have the ooption to Store credit cards, you will also have the option 'Store' available at check out.


    Note:  eVetPractice does not process Debit Cards.  If a Debit Card is used as payment, it will be    processed through as a credit card.


  • Other - The Other payment type can be used for any other payment method that you do not want to group with Cash, Check, or Credit Card Payments.  Examples of types of payments that a practice might classify as "Other" might include "Write Off," "Care Credit", or "Collections". 


Creating Payment Types

  • To create Payment Types you must have a Business Manager role or Business Owner role.
  • Click the Settings icon > Payments menu and scroll down to the Payments Accepted section. mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png
  • Select 'Add New Payment Option'.


  • Enter a name for the option, select a Type, and select the 'Is Default' option if you would like this particular payment option to be the default option when making a payment.
  • Select 'Apply Discount when used' if you would like to give a discount when this specific payment method is used.  For example, some clinics will give a discount if the client pays with cash, eliminating the expense for using a credit card.
  • Select 'Exclude from Income Calculations on Sales Report' if you do not want this payment type to be calculated as revenue within your Sales and End of Shift reports.  For example, if you are using a payment to write off a balance that a client owes, you would want to use a payment option where this option is enabled. Since you are not actually receiving any money from the client, you would not want the payment you are entering to be counted toward your income totals.  This is common when the balance/client is being sent to Collections and you created a Write Off payment type with Other as the type.  The transaction will still be included on the Sales and End of Shift reports within the Transaction List, but will not be included in the Cash Summary totals.
  • Once you have your payment option set up, select Save.


The payment options created will now display in the Payment Type drop down on the Check Out page.



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