Patient Reminders Report


            This report is for clinics who want to know about future, current, or expired/overdue patient reminders. Clinics also have the ability to generate postcard reminders to print or email reminders to clients.

  • Navigate to the Home screen
  • Click Reports in the blue home menu.mceclip0.png
  • To run and/or edit the patient reminders report click on the edit pencil next to itmceclip1.png
  • From the screen below the report Name* can be changed, a description given or View, Print, download to PDF, or generate to Excel on previous runs to create a new report click "New Run". To schedule a run click “Schedule Run”mceclip2.png

The following screen will give clinics the ability to choose the filters for the report:


  1. Report Run Name – This will be the name displayed on previous runs.
  2. Start Date – The date the report will begin running from
  3. End date / Number of Days past Start - Enter the number of days past start and NOT an end date. The end date is derived entirely from the number of days past start.
  4. Types - This is where the reminder type(s) are chosen to show on the generated report.
  5. Classification / Client Status – Clinics can choose to only generate specific clients based on their classification and/or status if applicable.
  6. Sort by – Sort for clients by Client Name, Postal code or County.
  7. Communication Filter Options: This gives the clinic the ability to generate with the following:mceclip4.png
  8. Species – Choose only specific species (canine, feline, etc) that will generate on the report.
  9. Click Generate when you are done choosing your filters

Once generate a list of all reminder, client, patient, and communication options.

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