Medical Record Printing different due to Document Template

You may run into an issue when you print a Medical Record and when you open the PDF it does not look anything like the medical record you were viewing.  

For example you print a patient medical record and all you see is this:



Seeing something that is not even included in the medical record could mean that there is a document template that has been set up for Medical Record printing. 

You can check this by going to Settings (gear icon ) > Document Templates.
In the Search Options you would select the "Type" to be "Medical Record"


Which will then show you any templates that have the type set to "Medical Record"


To correct this you would click on the pencil icon and edit the template.  

In the General Information you will see the option "Template is used for" and it will be set to "Medical Record"
Click on the arrow to the right to show the list of options and change it to "--Not Specified--"
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then click on "Save" to save your changes.

Now you should be able to print the patient medical record and it will include the correct information.


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