Appointment Report & Print Mass Check-in sheets/Sending Manual Appointment Reminders

Appointment Report

            The appointment report gives clinics the ability to print appointment schedules, print mass check in sheets for appointments and send reminders to client regarding appointment via email.

To access the appointment report go to the Home screen and Reports. From Report Dashboard click on the Appointment Report.


To run the appointment report click the edit pencil to the left of the Appointment Report. The screen below will appear. From screen the clinic will have the ability to change the Name* of the report, give the report a description for staff, view, print, download to PDF or convert to Excel previous runs.


To generate a new report click “New Run” and choose the filters to apply.


Appointment Information

  • Report Run Name* This will be the name displayed when viewing the previous runs
  • Start Date* The date the report will begin generating from
  • End Date* The date the report will stop generating from
  • Include incomplete? This filter when selected will ONLY include appointments that have not been checked off as “completed”
  • Include completed? This filter will ONLY include appointments checked off as “completed”
  • Appointment Types* The staff has the ability to filter the report by specific appointment types they see *If the clinic wants to include ALL Appointment Types then they should leave the filter on “—Not Specified—“
  • Visit Status* Filter by the visit “status” of the appointment while in the hospital *If applicable
  •  Confirm Status* Filter by the “confirm” status of the appointment on if the client is coming for scheduled appointment. *If applicable
  • Provider* the staff can filter the appointments based on the “provider” assigned to the appointments.

Client Information

  • Sort by: the staff will be able to filter by “Date, Client Date, Postal Code”
    • Beginning Value: what the value will start with when the “Sort By” is applied
    • Ending Value: what the value will stop at when the “Sort By” is applied

     Patient Information

  • Include inactive patients? This option will have patients with the status of “Inactive” include on the report.
  • Name: Filter by specific names of the patient on the report
  • Species: Filter by a patient species (Ex: canine, feline, equine) that will only show on the report.

Once the report is generated the staff will have a list of the appointments scheduled within the filters and have the option to “Generate Check in Sheets”, “Distribute List”, or Distribute Log”



To print mass check-in sheets for all appointments listed click on “Generate Check-in Sheets”





From this report clinics can also “distribute” reminders via email.

  • Click “Distribute List”mceclip13.png
  • Choose the email template to send to the clients selected in the list. *Email templates are chosen from “Reminder Template Setup”mceclip14.png
  • Choose the clients to send the reminder to. *Note: the “Options” indicates the way the client can receive the reminder. If they have the option for “email” they can receive an email reminder.mceclip15.png
  • After the clients have been click “Process”mceclip16.png
  • Then the “emails” will be generated and sent to the client(s).


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