Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

            Clinics have a few different options when it comes to reminding clients regarding their scheduled appointments for their pets. The clinic can set up a reminder to automatically send and email on specific Appointment Types that are “included on Nightly Tasks”

First, the clinic must add or edit the appointment types to “Include with Nightly Tasks.” By selecting this option the clinic is indicating to the system that any patient scheduled for this appointment type with a client email on file that wants to receive emails and email reminders then the system will automatically send the reminder when scheduled.

To enable this option on Appointment Types go to the Gear Icon>Appointment Types> click the edit pencil to access existing appointment types or create add appointment type.


Once the edit pencil has been clicked or “Add Appointment Type” and the screen below will appear. To enable the Appointment Type to send an automatic reminder to client about their pet’s upcoming appointment the “Include with Nightly Tasks” option MUST be selected.


Also, when the clinic is ready to start sending these automatic reminders to clients the “Appointment Reminder” under Nightly Tasks must be Active.


*to edit the template that is emailed to the client click the edit pencil to the left. Also, this is where a second reminder can be enabled as well.


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