Covetrus Ordering Integration - Receiving Covetrus Orders

Receiving Orders

When the order comes into the practice, go to Inventory | Covetrus Ordering and click on the Order Number link. A screen similar to the one below will open displaying the items on the order.


  1. Items ordered for use in the practice but not being tracked by an inventory code in eVetPractice can be marked as "Not Tracked". Use the buttons to mark all items as Tracked or Untracked.
  2. Use the checkbox under Not Tracked to mark single items as tracked or not tracked.
  3. Items not mapped to an eVet Inventory Item can be mapped before the item is received into inventory. From the drop-down list, begin typing in the inventory item name or code and select the item to map. Once mapped, it will not be required again. The program will automatically map the item in the future.
  4. If an item gets linked to the wrong eVet Inventory Item, use the Link to Different Item button to select a different product the item should be linked to.
  5. Once item is mapped, receiving can begin. By default a new lot is created at each receive. When receiving item without lot, You can use Use Lots option to opt out of creating lot.  To start receiving, click on Start Receiving
    1. Receiving with Use Lots not selected
      Enter the quantity being received and the Expiration date. Expiration date is not required. When left empty, the system will assign expiration date as current date + 50 years. Select Complete Receiving when done.
    2. Receiving with Use Lots option enabled
      • Enter in the Lot #. If the item is going to be received into more than one lot, enter the first lot and all required information then click on the button labeled New Lot to create another lot for the item.
      • Enter the Expiration date. This field is not required. When left empty, the system will assign expiration date as current date + 50 years.
      • Enter the quantity being received. 
      • When the information has been entered for the item, the user will have the option to Delete or Edit the receipt.
      • When everything has been entered and reviewed for accuracy, click Save Pending for each item.

When there has been a change in the cost of an item, a Cost Change Notification will pop up. It gives the user an opportunity to go with the price increase (or decrease), or keep the existing price.

After completing the receipt, your quantity on hand is updated and, if there was a cost change from Covetrus, the cost for the inventory item(s) has been updated. Covetrus strongly recommends a practice uses a Markup % to price inventory items. This way, the cost to you is updated and any increases in cost from the vendor will adjust the price to the customer.

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