Covetrus Ordering Integration - Overview

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With the Covetrus Ordering Integration, you can begin receiving your Covetrus orders efficiently without having to create purchase order for each invoice. Here is a brief overview of how the process works.

  1. You must have an account with Covetrus North America. To get your account setup, contact Covetrus North America.
  2. Place your order with Covetrus as you normally would: phone, fax, online, or directly with your Covetrus sales rep, or through the 'Go Shop' link in eVetPractice.
  3. Regardless of how the orders are placed, the orders will appear under the Inventory screen. A link will appear labeled "Covetrus Ordering".
  4. When the order arrives at the practice, go to Covetrus Ordering and click the link for the order number.
  5. Proceed to Start Receiving the items from the order.

The process will save users data entry time and provide greater accuracy when receiving in orders. Users will know, by the order status, if the items have been shipped or still outstanding. Items on backorder will be tracked in the order. And, when the items are received, if there is a change in the cost from the vendor, the user receiving in the order will be presented with the option to change the price or leave the price as is.

Refer to additional KB articles for the Setup, Viewing orders, Receiving, and Placing orders.

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