eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 19.40

Below are the new features developed for eVetPractice version 19.40 released on 4/11/19.

Account Balance

Under the Account Balance page for a client, the various hyperlinks have now been replaced with easier-to-select buttons.

Also, any invoices listed in the Account Balance section will display drop down button options to either print that Invoice or the Account Balance for the client, providing more clarity as to what you are trying or wanting to provide for the client.



A new feature has been added to Quick Invoicing, allowing the ability to apply billable item(s) to more than one patient at once.

  • To enable this feature, you must go into Practice Settings | General | Payment History/Invoice/Estimate Settings, and check the option below.

  • If you then proceed to Quick Invoicing, and the client you have selected has more than one active patient, you will see the following link at the top.

  • Clicking the link will bring up a dialog window.

  • In the search box, you can search and select the billable items that you would like to add
  • After you select your item, you can change the default quantity that you would like to have applied to the invoice
  • You can check off the patients below that you would like these items applied to
  • Packages will be limited to a quantity of 1, but packages will still apply the linked items to the patients upon clicking Ok
  • Clicking Ok will add the item(s) to the patient(s)
  • NOTE: Patient restrictions will be ignored when choosing billable items in the dialog window.
  • NOTE: Any multi-patient Microchip or Rabies Tag prompting that may occur will be grouped into a single dialog box, requiring the information to be filled in.

If you would like to restrict certain employees from accessing this feature, you can do so under the setup of Employee Rights | Medical Records

  • If your practice does not have this feature enabled, this employee right will not display
  • Upon enabling this feature, existing employees will have this right enabled
  • For any new employees that are created, this right will be disabled by default



A new option for Contact Client has been added into the appointment context menu in the appointment calendar to either Email or SMS the client.

  • If the client does not have an email address, the option will not display.
  • If your practice does not have an SMS integration, or if the client does not have a valid SMS-enabled device, the option for SMS will not display.
  • If they don't have either, contact client will not display at all.


Exciting Features Coming Soon...

We are laying the groundwork in this release with some new features, mentioned below, that will be released in the near future.

  • Vets First Choice prescription logging into eVetPractice
  • Rapport On-Demand SMS Messaging

NOTE: Due to the Rapport framework we deployed in this release, if you are currently utilizing an SMS integration in eVetPractice, you will see that the icon to send SMS messages will have changed to the following.



  • When changing a resource in a visit, the primary provider on the appointment will update on the screen, rather than after you click save, allowing the practice to verify the contents of the visit before clicking Save.
  • Added support for appointment type for ePetHealth reminder messaging.
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