Rapport On-Demand Messages - Tracking

Text messages sent to a client are tracked on the client record. When associated with a patient, the messages are tracked under the Communication Log for the patient, as well as, under Medical Records.

Tracking SMS Messages

Communication Log

Text messages sent are logged under Communication Log for both the client and patient.


MR View By Date and MR View By Date with Details

From the patient’s medical record, view SMS communication entries under the MR View By Date and MR View By Date with Details.


Printing SMS Messages with Medical Records

SMS message will be included when printing a patient’s medical record. If choosing the button to print selected records, users are able to clear the SMS entries from printing.


Note: If you are unable to view or print the SMS communications your communication defaults may not be set up to include these by default when viewing or printing the medical record.  Those can be changed by going to Practice Settings (gear icon) and enabling the following options under the Medical Record Settings group depending on your preference:

By default, should patient communication entries be VIEWED on the medical record? *
By default, should patient communication entries be PRINTED on the medical record? *

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