Rapport On-Demand Messages - Sending

There are a number of areas in eVetPractice where you can send a text message to a client. Look for the SMS icon SMSicon.png.


Send SMS Messages

From Client/Patients

For clients with a valid phone number for text messaging, the SMS icon will appear on the Client Management or Patient Management screens.



In addition to the SMS icon appearing for the client and patient, users may quickly check the client’s Phone Information to see if the client's phone number(s) have been validated for SMS.


To send a message, click the SMS icon to display the Send Rapport SMS Message screen.


  1. If more than one phone number appears, select the number to send the message.
  2. If sending a canned message, select the template from the list.
  3. If using a canned message, customize any of the text as needed.
  4. If the message was created from the client, but the message is referring to a patient, select the patient's name from the list.
  5. Click the Merge Data with Text button to preview the fields merged in before sending the message.
    1. Fields will be auto-merged regardless of clicking the button or not.
  6. Click Send.

From Appointments

Send a message to a client from the Appointment Visit. Right-click and from Contact Client, select SMS.


From Callbacks

For clients with a callback and valid number, click on the SMS icon to send a text message.



From the Whiteboard

Click the SMS icon to send a quick text message to a client from the Whiteboard.



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