Rapport On-Demand Messages - Setup

eVetPractice integrates with Covetrus Rapport to allow on-demand text messaging with clients. To take advantage of this integration, contact the Covetrus Rapport team to get your account setup. Once your account is established, you can go into eVetPractice to enable the feature and send text messages to clients who have a valid phone number.

Practice Settings

To send text messages from eVetPractice, the practice needs to enable the integration then configure the settings.

General Settings

Click on the gear Gear.PNG to access Settings. From the General settings screen, click on Integration Settings. Check the box to Enable SMS Integration.


Enabling this setting will display the SMS Setup screen as shown in the image below.


From this screen, enter the Account Type as Rapport. Enter a name for the setup. Enter your Account Key for Rapport. Choose a Send Rule. Click Save.


SMS Templates

Create templates for common text messages sent to clients.

From Settings (Gear.PNG), click on SMS Templates SMSTemplatesLink.png. From SMS Template Management, click on the link Add a New SMS Template to create a new message.


In the Create SMS Template screen:

  1. Enter a Name for the SMS Template.
  2. Enter a brief Description.
  3. In the text area, enter the message.
  • Limit the message to 160 characters.
  • Click the Insert Merge Field button InsertMergeFieldButton.PNG to personalize the message.

Rapport Website

Access the administrator portal for the Rapport Website by clicking the Rapport icon on the Quick Launch bar QuickLaunchRapportAdmin.png.



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