eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 19.30

Below are the new features developed for eVetPractice version 19.30 released on 3/26/19.

Medical Records

  • Exam and History Forms

New links have been added to the Add screen for Exam Forms and History Forms. Users will be able to create a new exam or history by copying a previous form. This will save the user data entry time. There is also a link to Review past exam or history forms; the forms will no longer auto launch when selected.



  • Save Enhancements Added to Exam and History Forms

A Save Vitals button has been added just below the Vitals section of Exam Forms. When clicked, just the patient's vitals are saved and a message confirming the vitals were saved will appear.


When changes are made in other areas of an Exam or History Form, a message confirming the section has been saved will display.


Settings | Classifications

  •  The gender can be customized for a species. From the screen, click Settings (Settings.PNG) then click on Classifications.PNG. Select the Species from the drop-down list. Click Edit to display the gender list. Select the appropriate gender options for the selected species. Click Save to save the changes.



  • When using the new SaasConex Integration, payments between Bluefin and eVetPractice will match.
  • When the service date or quantity for a package line item is modified, the change will not affect the price of the item.
  • For Wellness Plans - Automated Renewals, the UTC time has been adjusted for the practice's time zone so the program will charge the card on the correct date.
  • Wastage for controlled drugs that are invoiced will be reported correctly on the Controlled Substance Report.
  • If a client is set to "Do Not Email", they will not receive any automated emails sent from eVetPractice, including the appointment confirmation email sent upon appointment creation.
  • When a partial payment is applied to a Wellness Plan, the amount paid on the plan will be updated with the partial payment amount and the invoice status is not marked as fully paid.




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