eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 19.20

Below are the new features developed for eVetPractice version 19.20


The option, Go to Quick Invoicing, has been added to the menu in Schedule view. This option is available for normal appointments and boarding. It will not be available for appointments that do not have a patient associated with it or practices with Quick Invoicing disabled.



The Invoice and Payment action links on the Checkout and Client Account Balance screens have now been consolidated into icons.


There is an icon to email the invoice and an icon to print the invoice. The icon with the vertical ellipses provides the additional actions you would have for an invoice or payment.


Performance has been enhanced when populating codes for integrated lab partners: IDEXX VetConnect, Antech, and NBVL.

Medical Records

Images can be added to a patient's medical record by either inserting the image as a file or from copying images from an image editor then pasting the image in the record. The images are then stored properly so they can be viewed, resized, or printed later.

In a rich text field, in a patient's medical record, right-click and from the shortcut menu, choose Image.


From the Insert/Edit Image dialog box, click the camera to navigate to the image file. You may also click on the Upload tab and use the options to navigate to the image file or drag the image file from your Windows folder to the dialog box.


With the image saved in the medical record, you can open the patient's record to view or print the image.


  • There are performance improvements related to the Appointment calendar.
  • Returning search results has been optimized.
  • Enhancements have been made regarding credit card processing with Vantiv Dejavoo terminals, to prevent transactions from getting declined.
  • A phone number is no longer required when doing a quick create client and patient in the appointment screen, when the phone number is not configured as a required field in Data Fields setup.
  • When the dates of a boarding appointment are changed, the inventory item associated with the boarding appointment will not change from what it was originally. Also, if the list of inventory items attached to a boarding type is changed, the boarding appointment linked to the inventory item is not removed, and it will not change the inventory item on the boarding appointment.
  • The End Time has been removed from display in the Resource view of the Appointment Calendar for very small appointments, to reduce the space used in the visit header.


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