eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 19.0010

Below are the new features developed for eVetPractice version 19.0010 released on 1/15/2019.

Credit Card Processing

Clinics, who are part of a group practice, will be able to share the credit card token for a client. This credit card token can be shared if the practices in the group share the same Merchant ID for the vendor they use. With the ability to share the credit card token, the card will display as a payment option from the Checkout screen, Make a Payment from the client account screen, Payment drop-down, Deposit, and Refund. This will eliminate the need to go to another practice to use the card or adding another stored card when one already exists.

Medical Records

From the Vaccination Log screen, buttons have been added to replace the links for adding an entry, printing, or emailing vaccination records. A drop-down menu has been added to the Print and Email buttons to display additional options.


A new option added to the Print and Email buttons is the option to select which vaccines to print or email to the client.


When the option to Print Selection or Email Selection is chosen, the Select Vaccine(s) screen is displayed. The user clicks in the checkbox to select which vaccinations to print or email. When the OK button is clicked, the vaccinations will print or the email screen opens.




The CLIENT_ADDRESS reference name for DYMO label printing can now be used.

The client's address, city/state/zip will print when the merge field is used.



The following items were corrected in this version:

  • Payment History - Returning a partial amount of a controlled drug
    Returning a partial amount of a controlled drug will no longer cause the log entry to get marked deleted.
  • eVetPractice Calendar Screen
    There is improved performance when users are navigating the calendar.
  • IDEXX Integration - Documents overwritten when more than one lab item in same order
    When a lab document/pdf comes in for the same requisition, each entry/import will be retained with the date it downloaded.
  • IDEXX Integration - Results are overwritten when more than one lab is on the same order
    When an order has multiple labs, and the last result comes in, the first result will not get overwritten.
  • Delays when editing an exam
    Performance improvements have been made when editing exam/history forms.




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