eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 18.7110

Below are the new features developed for eVetPractice version 18.7110 released on 11/15/18.


Several merge fields have been programmed to work with the medical record template. When a custom template is created, the merge fields will populate with the values.


Settings - Enterprise and Standard Versions

The Copy option has been added to the Add Inventory and Procedure screens, to the right of the edit button.


The Copy option provides the ability to create a new procedure or inventory item with the same settings as the copied procedure or inventory item. When a procedure or item is copied, a warning is displayed to change the code, as the code must be unique.



Settings - General - Miscellaneous

An option has been added to Settings | General | Miscellaneous to Show client phone number country code if it is the same as the practice's country. If this option is checked, it will show the +country code before the client's phone number. With it unchecked, it will show the phone number without the country code.

In addition to the country code, an option has been added to Show client country name with their address if it is the same as the practice's country. With this checked, it will show the country name with the address.

The default setting for both options is Off (not checked).




  • Optimization of the Home Page has been made to improve speed.
  • When clicking on an appointment, the tooltip will close so the user may click on options from the action menu.
  • Printing or Emailing by Selection will include the PDF using the default template whether a single record is selected or all records are selected.
  • When a patient is deleted, the patient status will be set to Inactive.
  • The Accounts Receivable report will display the >120 Days and Total Column after being exported to Excel.
  • The reminder associations drop-down list has been corrected when running eVetPractice in Internet Explorer.





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