eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 18.7100

Below are the new features developed for eVetPractice version 18.7100 released on 10/16/2018


  • When a purchase order is received for an item with existing lots, the 'Use Lots?' option is checked and disabled so it cannot be unchecked. Once the item has no active lots, the 'Use Lots?' can be unchecked.



  • When a label prints for either a patient or prescription, the Client_Address merge fields print on the label for the selected client.



Medical Records

  • The option to enable form locking has been added under General Practice Settings | Medical Records, to allow the ability to disable.


  • The quotation mark has been removed from the patient's General Information tab. (e.g. Fluffy Smith's General Information)



  • In both the Standard and Enterprise versions of eVetPractice, a copy button has been added next to the edit button in the list of packages. Clicking copy opens the Add package screen with all values brought in from the previous item.



Phone Numbers

  • For a more professional look, the '+1'  country code is hidden in all phone numbers for clients.



  • The column, 'Expires', has been removed from Patient Reminders areas in eVetPractice. The 'Expired Reminders' section has also been renamed to 'Overdue Reminders', only showing reminders past their due date. 


  • The exclamation flag appears based on the Reminder Due date rather than when the reminder expires, due to the column being removed.


  • Emailing or printing the Vaccination Log Report for a client will NOT include inactive patients in the report.


  • Field validation has been resolved when a reminder is created. The Due Date must be greater than or equal to Start Reminding. The Stop Reminding must be greater than or equal to Due Date. If the dates entered do not meet the field validation criteria, the reminder cannot be saved.
  • The nightly task to close invoices has been altered to look at the invoice date. If the invoice date is greater than the previous day's date, the invoice will not be closed.
  • Printing Medical Records with Selections will verify the merge fields populate on the form so unaltered merge fields do not show on the report (%patientreminders%, %weighthistory%, etc.).
  • When the System Default country is changed, the new country is used when a new client is created.
  • Added a check to verify if a form was locked by the same user on another computer or tab in the web browser, that the same user logged in would not have to manually unlock the form. Rather, they would be in edit mode right away.
  • The load time for "Referral System Management" for clinic with a large number of referrals has been improved.
  • A QuickBooks Online issue was addressed where the programming logic is fixed to look at the Country setting on address information instead of State.
  • The spacing between line items on the printed medical record has been reduced. This change includes the reminders and weight history area.
  • Medical Records with a large amount of note text will adjust spacing to fit all text in the printed medical record.
  • Medical Record Lockdown locks all items on the Medical Record after the time has expired. Exam forms and History forms are not an exception.
  • Printing a Medical Record with a PDF was enlarged to be able to see it better on a single page.
  • Printing a Medical Record where a PDF document is the oldest record in the history, it will now print with it.
  • A custom payment history/receipt template text for voided payments should appear normal
  • In a group practice scenario, if one practice had a package on an estimate and another one converted it to a treatment, the Veterinary Services Delivered report will report production only on the destination practice, not where the estimate/package originated from.
  • The calendar will no longer show the times, in the Appointment header, in a 24 hour time format.
  • When opening the date picker drop downs, the first day of the week on the calendar will be on Sunday, rather than Monday.



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