Wireless DYMO® LabelWriter Installation and Setup


eVetPractice has certified the DYMO® LabelWriter® Wireless label writer. This article explains the requirements and contains documentation from DYMO to assist in configuring the wireless setup.


In order to be able to print to the DYMO® LabelWriter Wireless, you will need the following prerequisites:

  • Windows or Mac computer
  • Wireless/WiFi network connection
  • DYMO® Label software - can be installed from http://www.dymo.com/en-US/dymo-label-software-v873-windows

WiFi Setup for DYMO® LabelWriter Wireless

Please see the attached PDF document for documentation on how to configure your LabelWriter to your Wireless network. As with other printer configurations, this is a client responsibility. If you encounter issues getting your LabelWriter Wireless connected to your computer, it is recommended to contact DYMO® for assistance.

Additional Information

Because you are still required to install DYMO® Label software onto a Windows or Mac, computer, there is no real benefit to use the DYMO® LabelWriter Wireless over the other USB connected LabelWriters (400, 450, 450 Turbo) other than not having to have it connected directly to a computer. Making it available on the network is done via WiFi connection instead of printer sharing. 

In order to be able to print to the DYMO® LabelWriter Wireless from eVetPractice using a smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook, Google Cloud Print integration is still needed, which requires a Windows or Mac computer with DYMO® Label software installed. This type of configuration can also be done with the normal USB LabelWriters.

For additional DYMO® setup in eVetPractice, refer to this article.

DYMO® Wireless Label Writer UserGuide

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