eVetPractice Software Updates ver. 18.7090

Below are the new features developed for eVetPractice version 18.7090 released on 9/20/2018.


The Appointment Reminder Nightly Task now excludes appointments with a confirm status of ‘Canceled’.


The ability to link multiple inventory items to a cage type has been added to allow for pricing differences when creating the boarding reservation (species, weight, double occupancy).


The image below shows a Boarding reservation with the inventory items associated with the cage type. You are able to select the inventory item that best fits the needs of the reservation.



Group Practice Setup: Restrictions have been added when converting an estimate to a treatment that was created at another practice. If any of the billable items on the estimate do not exist at the practice you are converting to, a message will be displayed saying that it cannot be converted.


The enhancements made to Inventory are as follows:

  • Modified the Tier Pricing window and added validation to the quantities.


  • Users will be able to view the price history for not only Inventory (previous release), but also Procedures and Labs.



  • Decimal values will be allowed in tier pricing to be used for injections that have small quantities.
  • If there are active lots, the Lots checkbox is read-only so lot entries cannot be removed.



  • Field validation has been added between min price and max price fields so the min price cannot go above the max price on an item.




The subtotal section of the Payment History and Invoice was enhanced for an easier view of the breakdown of the totals.



Medical Records

Many of the enhancements made to Medical Records involved editing locked records.

  • A lock expiration has been implemented for History and Exam forms. If a user navigates away from the form, the lock on the form expires after 5 minutes.
  • The Exam or History item can be locked for editing so changes are not overwritten by another user when the form is open.
  • A red asterisk next to a Note or Exam in the Medical Record view shows the username currently editing that item.
  • Users will be able to see that a form is being actively edited by another user. In addition, a user will be able to override an active session so they may continue editing in the event of a browser failure that results in a lock.

If another user clicks on the lock, the following message will appear:

If the user proceeds to unlock a form, the user who had the form opened first is notified with the following message:


  • The same user cannot edit the same form in multiple tabs.

An enhancement to a new Medical Record template was developed.

  • The ability to create a new Medical Record template was added in Document Types. It allows you to customize the Medical Record printout; such as adding and removing merge fields.


Phone Information

  •  The country code is now displayed in phone numbers throughout the site.


A new multi-drop-down search selector replaces the Reminder Associations screen. This drop-down list is available for Inventory, Procedures, and Labs.



The Wellness Plan report has been enhanced to include client and patient ID’s, the auto- renew column has been added, and an option to select a date range for the report.

Report Options


Report Columns




  • Clicking the Save button multiple times on a patient’s profile picture will not create a document multiple times.
  • eVetPractice has certified the DYMO® LabelWriter® Wireless label writer. This article explains the requirements and contains documentation from DYMO to assist in configuring the wireless setup: Wireless DYMO LabelWriter Installation and Setup.
  • Doing a partial return of an invoice item that included a service fee, will not include the tax of that service fee until the entire item is returned.
  • Users will not be able to link a “Type A” lab result to a “Type B” lab order so a lab is not linked to the wrong type of request.
  • Scheduled Runs - the completed report will display the date range that was scheduled.








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