Email Attachments

In various email screens, such as client or referral emails, an Attachments button is available. Click on this button and two options are available: Local and System.


Local”, will bring up a File Browser window to attach a file on your local computer or device.

System” will bring up a new attachments screen:


The document types listed on the left pertain to the area of the program the attachments are being pulled from. (Example: “Practice” pulls from the practice documents and images, “Client” pulls from the client documents, “Medical Record” pulls from the patient’s Medical Record, etc.)

  • Click  to preview the attachment in the “Attachments View” to the right. Only images can be previewed.
  • Click  to attach the file to the email. You can choose as many as you wish to attach.
  • Click  to start over and reset any current previews or attachments made.
  • After you click “Done”, the attachment(s) will be displayed below.





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