April 2018 - eVetPractice.com Software Updates

Below is a list of enhancements that have been added to the system recently.  You can always access updates to eVetPractice by going to "Help" in eVetPractice and searching for "Enhancements".  If you have any questions regarding the updates, please do not hesitate to contact us by chat, phone, or email.  Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. 


  • Added the ability to filter the Reservation List by the Reservation Status Type:  Checked In, Checked Out, and Scheduled.



  • The Client and Patient name are now displayed in bold on the Visit Highlights window.  
  • Added the patient color next to the Breed.


Callback Dashboard

  • A Callbacks Dashboard has been added to eVetPractice.  To enable the Callbacks Dashboard, go to Settings > Miscellaneous Settings, select 'Enable callbacks dashboard' and Save.


  • Once enabled, a new Callbacks menu option will be available.  The dashboard will list all Callback Reminders based on selected filters, allow creation of Callback reminders, and allows Callback Reminders to be Deleted.


Client Communication

  • Attachments emailed out of eVetPractice can now be viewed by going to the appropriate Communication entry and clicking the Attachments link. 


  • To enable the option to View Attachements, go to Settings > Miscellaneous Settings and select the option "Save email attachments to the communication log?"


Inventory Management

  • Added a column to list the Vendor in Inventory Management.



  • Added the Tax total to Quick Invoicing and the Client Invoice view.




  • Labs can now be associated to a specific Lab Form.  To assign a Lab Form to a lab, go to Settings > Labs menu, select the appropriate category, click the pencil to edit the lab item, and select the appropriate Lab Form.


  • Once the lab item is added to the patient's medical record, when you edit the lab result to enter data, the associated form will automatically be selected. If a different Lab Form is needed, click the drop down to select a different Lab Form.


Medical Record

  • The patient's Next Visit date and time has been added to the Patient Highlights section of the Medical Record.


Patient Charges

  • Added the ability to print all charges for a specific patient and indication of whether it is paid.  The new option is located on the patient's Medical Record. 

Payment History

  • Payment History has a new and improved look.  A Payment History Summary has been added to the top of the Payment History window. 


  • Receipts will be collapsed by default to improve the speed and efficiency of viewing the history.  Each payment history view will include a summary of the reciept and invoice information.


  • At the top of the Payment History window, you have the ability to "Expand All Invoices". 


  • To expand a single receipt, click on the Invoice link across the bottom of the Receipt.


  • To change the default view to fully expanded invoices, go to Settings > Payment History/Invoice/Estimate Settings section and select the "Expand All Invoices" option and Save.


 Sales Report

  • Added the ability to run the Sales Report by Date Created (payment entry date).  If this option is not selected the report will use the Deposit Date by default.


Wellness Plans

  • Added "Total possible Wellness savings" under the Wellness Plan.  To see the savings amount, go to the Patient's Medical Record, click the Wellness Plans tab, and click the pencil to edit the Wellness Plan.



  • Added the option to copy a Whiteboard entry to a Communication entry.


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