Bluefin Setup and Instructions (SaaSConex)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The credit card terminals that are used with Bluefin must be setup by Bluefin with an encrypted injection key before they can be used with the Bluefin integration in eVetPractice. Therefore it is important that you purchase your credit card terminals from Bluefin, as they will have the injection key already inserted into the terminal.  Terminals purchased from 3rd parties will not have this injection key, and will not work with the Bluefin integration.

In our system, if you go to practice settings, then Payments.  There is a checkbox below called “Use Bluefin Payment Systems”.  If you check that option, a new section will appear below where you can enter account id and API access key.

You probably already have the account id, as that is something they email to you.  It can also be found on your payconex portal.  Hint:  It will contain all numbers, no letters. 

The API Access Key isn’t something they email and is something that you can get by logging into .  Both are required in our system.

Once you have saved the Account ID and API Access Key, you will need to add a terminal before processing a payment.  A terminal can be added by clicking on the "Add New Payment Terminal" link.  You will be prompted for a terminal name and serial number.  For the terminal name, please use something that describes where in the clinic the terminal is being used (ex. front desk 1).  The terminal name will show when you are checking out a customer.

The serial number can be found on the back of the device and is generally denoted with S/N.
Once the terminal is added, you are ready to start using it to process payments.
To test, you should enter a $1 payment on a test client that can later be voided.

In eVetPractice, on the check out page, enter amount, select terminal, desired payment type, and make sure skip credit card processing is 'No'.

Click Process Payment at the bottom when you are ready to send the amount to the terminal. The terminal will display the amount and then you can swipe/insert the card.  Once the transaction is approved, the transaction will be processed in eVetPractice.

For more information on taking credit card payments using our payment processing solutions please see this article - Processing Credit Cards Using an Integrated Solution






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