After you have had eVetPractice support enable the integration for your ePetHealth you will want to make sure that you have selected the options that are needed for your practice.

Go to the Settings Gear icon and in the General tab open the section named ePetHealth


You will notice that you have an number of options that can be selected for the data that will be sent to ePetHealth. Enable each option that you would like and at the bottom of the screen click on "Save" to save any changes you made.

Additional Notes

  • The option "Combine all practices from group" will allow you to send the data from all of the practices of a multi-practice set up and would only require that you enable the ePetHealth integration at one practice instead of each individual one.
  • If the 'Do not sent patient reminders' option is checked on the client's general information, it will prevent the client/patients from being included in the data sent to ePetHealth.
  • The 'Do not email' option on the client's general information is not used when determining what data is sent to ePetHealth.
  • The patient status of 'No Reminders' is also ignored and reminders are still sent to ePetHealth for patients in that status.
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