List of merge fields used in document templates


Here is a list of all merge fields that can be used in Document Templates currently.  Please be aware that if the merge field has a "*" next to it that means the merge field will only work in specific contexts. Text in bold dictates if they are specific to certain document template types.


Practice Name: "%practicename%"

Practice Address: "%practiceaddress%"

Practice Ship Address: "%practiceshipaddress%"

Practice BillTo Address: "%practicebilladdress%"

Practice Phone: "%practicephone%"

Practice Fax: "%practicefax%"

Practice Email: "%practiceemail%"

Practice Website: "%practicewebsite%"

Practice Facebook: "%practicefacebook%"

Client ID: "%clientid%"

Client Title: "%clienttitle%"

Client First Name: "%clientfirstname%"

Client Last Name: "%clientlastname%"

Client Name: "%clientname%"

Client Company Name: "%companyname%"

Client Email: "%clientemail%"

Client Username: "%clientusername%"

Client Address: "%clientaddress%"

Client Phone: "%clientphone%"

Client Signature *: "%clientsignature%" - Will only function on Estimate and Patient Type Documents.

Client Referring Veterinary Clinic *: "%clinicreferral%"

Client Second Owner First Name *: "%secondownerfirst%"

Client Second Owner Last Name *: "%secondownerlast%"

Client Second Owner Email *: "%secondowneremail%"

Patient Barcode: "%patientbarcode%"

Patient ID: "%patientid%"

Patient Name *: "%patientname%"

Patient Breed *: "%patientbreed%"

Patient Species *: "%patientspecies%"

Patient Age *: "%patientage%"

Patient DOB *: "%patientdob%"

Patient Sex *: "%patientsex%"

Patient Sex (His/Her) *: "%patientsexadj%"

Patient Sex (his/her) *: "%patientsexadjl%"

Patient Sex (He/She) *: "%patientsexpro%"

Patient Sex (he/she) *: "%patientsexprol%"

Patient Sex (Him/Her) *: "%patientsexobjpro%"

Patient Sex (him/her) *: "%patientsexobjprol%"

Patient Weight *: "%patientweight%"

Patient Weight History*."%patientweighthistory%" - Will only function on Medical Records

Patient Color *: "%patientcolor%"

Patient Tattoo *: "%patienttattoo%"

Patient Markings *: "%patientmarkings%"

Patient Rabies Tag *: "%patienttag%"

Patient Microchip *: "%patientmicrochip%"

Patient Photo *: "%patientphoto%"

Patient Future Appointments *: "%patientappts%"

Patient Highlights *: "%patienthighlights%"

Patient Reminders *: "%patientreminders%"

Patient Expired Reminders *: "%patientexpreminders%"

Patient Monitoring *: "%patientmonitoring%"

Patient Core Vaccines *: "%patientcorevaccines%"

Patient Recent Treatments *: "%patientrecenttreatments%"

Patient Whiteboard Items *: "%patientwhiteboard%"

Patient Medications *: "%patientmedications%"

Patient Medications with Instructions*: "%patientmedicationsinstructions%"

Patient Age & Weight *: "%patientageweight%"

Patient Active Wellness Plan *: "%wellnessplan%"

Patient Active Wellness Plan w/details *: "%wellnessplandetails%"

Patient Alerts *: "%patientalerts%"

Patient Master Problems *: "%patientmpl%"

Patient Diagnoses (last 10) *: "%patientdiagnoses%"

Reminder Description *: "%reminderdesc%"

Reminder Description without Date *: "%reminderdescwithoutdate%"

Invoice Declined Treatment Items*. "%invoicedeclinedtreatmentitems%" - Will only function on Account Balance/Invoice and Payment History/Receipt Type Documents


Rabies Cert - Patient Photo *: "%rabies_patient_photo%"

Rabies Cert - Tag *: "%patienttag%"

Rabies Cert - Microchip *: "%patientmicrochip%"

Rabies Cert - Vaccine Name *: "%rabies_vacc_name%"

Rabies Cert - Date Vaccinated *: "%rabies_date_vaccinated%"

Rabies Cert - Next Vacc. Due By *: "%rabies_next_due%"

Rabies Cert - Manufacturer *: "%rabies_manufacturer%"

Rabies Cert - Serial Number *: "%rabies_serial_num%"

Rabies Cert - Vaccine Expiration *: "%rabies_vacc_exp%"

Rabies Cert - Vaccine Type *: "%rabies_vacc_type%"

Rabies Cert - Dosage Type *: "%rabies_dosage_type%"

Rabies Cert - DVM Name *: "%rabies_dvm%"

Rabies Cert - DVM State License Number *: "%dvm_state_license%"

Rabies Cert - DVM National License Number *: "%dvm_national_license%"

Rabies Cert - DVM Signature *: "%rabies_dvm_signature%"

Rabies Cert - USDA License Period *: "%rabies_usda_license%"

Rabies Cert - USDA License Expiration Date *: "%rabies_usda_license_exp%"

Rabies Cert - Tag Issue Period *: "%tag_issue_period%"

Rabies Cert - Tag Issue Date *: "%tag_issue_date%"

Rabies Cert - Next Tag Issue Date *: "%next_tag_issue_date%"

Rabies Cert - Animal Control License *: "%rabies_aclicense%"

Rabies Cert - Weight *: "%rabies_weight%"


Appointment merge fields will only populate information when used on Check in Sheet type Document Templates

Appointment Date *: "%visitdate%"

Appointment Date (no time) *: "%visitdateonly%"

Appointment Description *: "%visitdesc%"

Appointment Description (Include Extra) *: "%visitdesc_includeextra%"

Appointment Provider *: "%visitprovider%"

Appointment Type *: "%visittype%"


Estimate merge field will only work with Estimate Document Type Templates

Estimate *: "%estimate%"


Invoice merge field will only work with Account Balance/Invoice Type Templates

Invoice *: "%invoice%"


Payment History merge field will only work with the Payment History Type Template

Payment History *: "%paymenthistory%"


Declined Item merge field will only work with Payment History and Account Balance/Invoice type templates

Invoice Declined Treatment Items: "%invoicedeclinedtreatmentitems%"


With the exception of Patient Health Report Card (Patient Highlights), the Patient Health Report card merge fields and exam merge fields will only work with Patient Health Report Card Document Types

Patient Health Report Card (Patient Highlights)*: "%patienthighlights%"

Patient Health Report Card (Vital Signs) *: "%vitalsigns%"

Patient Health Report Card (Summary) *: "%examsummary%"

Patient Health Report Card (Exam Answers) *: "%examanswers%"

Patient Health Report Card Date *: "%examdate%"

Patient Health Report Card Date and Time *: "%examdatetime%"

Exam Summary *: "%exam%"

Exam Answers *: "%examanswers%"

Exam Summary + Answers *: "%examsa%"

Exam Provider *: "%examdr%"




Current Date *: "%MMMM_dd_yyyy%"

Current Time *: "%hh:mm_tt%"

Active Provider *: "%activeprovider%"

Active Provider License *: "%ap_license%"

Active Provider Signature *: "%activeprovider_signature%"

Page Break: "%pagebreak%"

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