Patterson’s eShelf Ordering System Integration

Managing inventory is simple and efficient with eShelf from Patterson. eShelf helps you save time and reduce errors.

  • Reduce the time you spend managing inventory
  • Help eliminate errors associated with manual inventory management
  • Increase profits through inventory turnover
  • Improve inventory control

Find out more about eShelf from Patterson Veterinary by calling 800-225-7911 or talking to your Patterson Veterinary representative. 



First you must enable the integratrion:

  • Click on the Gear Icon to navigate to the Settings menu. This will default you to the General tab.
  • Scroll down to Integration Settings and expand out the section
  • Check the box towards the bottom labeled “Enable Patterson eShelf Integration”. 
  • Then below that a new section will show “Patterson’s eShelf Settings”.  You will need to enter the bill to identifier and ship to identifier provided to you by Patterson (may also be called Patterson account numbers).

  • Click Save at the bottom

Once the integration is enabled under the General tab, you will need to finish the setup in Inventory Management.

  • Navigate to Inventory
  • Click Vendors and make sure Patterson Veterinary is listed, if they are not add them as a new vendor.
  • If they are listed edit the vendor and for the “Order Integration” option, please choose Patterson’s eShelf. 
  • Click Save.

This completes the setup.



Linking Inventory Items

  • You have to link your existing Inventory Items to a Patterson Catalog Item.
  • This can be done during purchase order creation and is NOT required to be done prior.
  • However, you can link inventory items to a Patterson Catalog item by editing an existing Inventory Item, scrolling down to “Search for item in vendor catalog" and entering search criteria. This search looks through Patterson's Catalog. Link the item by checking the box for that item.
  • Their Catalog is updated in our system nightly.


Purchase Orders

  • The purchase order system works similarly for all vendors except that now you can submit an order to Patterson electronically. To do so, you need to create a purchase order with the Patterson vendor that was created during setup that is configured to use the integration. 
  • Once the order is created, you will search for an item to add. The search is NOT limited to just Patterson items.  It will still show you all inventory items to choose from. This allows you to add any item from your inventory and then link to one of Patterson’s Catalog items without having to leave the PO System.

  • You will need to link any product on the PO before being able to submit the order to Patterson. If you try to submit, you will get a message stating which need to be linked.
  • Once you link an item, our system will pull Patterson’s latest pricing details. The details will show up above the product in a blue section.  You can use the details to adjust your costs accordingly.

  • You’ll continue this process until all the items you wish to order are on the PO.
  • Once you are done, you will click the “Place Order” button. This will electronically submit the order to Patterson.  This cannot be reversed or updated after submission. 
  • Any changes to an existing order will need to be made either on Patterson’s website or by calling Patterson.
  • After submitting the order (in approx. 5 mins.), you will get an order number which will show on the PO in our system. This number can be used as a reference if you need to call in changes.
  • Once the order has been processed and shipped, the order shipping information will display when viewing the PO. Any shipping information provided by Patterson will be included like UPS/FedEx tracking details.
  • The receiving process is the same as it is for a non-integrated vendor.


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