October 2016 - eVetPractice.com Software Updates

eVetPractice Software Updates

Below is a list of enhancements that have been added to the system recently.  You can always access updates to eVetPractice by going to "Help" in eVetPractice and searching for "Enhancements".  If you have any questions regarding the updates, please do not hesitate to contact us by chat, phone, or email.  Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. 


  • Calendar full-screen view is now available on mobile device browsers.

Credit Card Processing - Dajavoo terminals

  • For Vantiv/Dejavoo terminals, we now remember the last terminal used for that user session.  The last terminal used will be the terminal selected when checking out another customer.

Credit Card Processing - Storing Credit Card Information

  • The ability to store a client credit card has been added.  When enabled, the entire credit card information is not stored, instead, a token is created for the card which is stored and used in combination with the information stored by Vantiv or Bluefin.  To enable this option, go to Settings> Payments menu, and select the option "Allow for storing of tokenized cards?"


  • After enabling this option you will see a new link under the client's Account Balance section of the client page, "Manage Stored Cards".  Click the link.


  • You can now add or update credit cards for the client's account.


  • Select the card type, place your cursor in the "Credit Card Track" field and swipe the card.  Then click the Authorize and Store button. 


Credit Card Processing - Automatic Wellness Plan Payments

  • You can now set up automatic payments for Wellness Plans if you are using Bluefin or Vantiv.  Before setting up automatic wellness plan payments, you need to make sure that you have enabled the ability to store credit card information, and have stored card information for the client. 
  • To enable this option, go to the Patient Medical Record, Wellness Plan section, and click the pencil to edit the Wellness plan.  Select the "Enable payment plan for....." option.


Dymo Labels    

  • Added a new Dymo label for printing treatment labels.  You can print the label from the treatment item details.  It will include the patient information, treatment name, quantity, provider, and comments. 


  • To ensure your treatment label is using the correct size label, go to Settings > Dymo Printer Settings and make sure the correct Treatment Label size is selected and Save.

Exam Forms

  • Exam Forms will now show the patient's age in the Vital Signs section, calculated based on the date of birth and the Exam form service date.




  • From the Client search screen, you now have the ability to search for a client by invoice number.


Inventory Management          

  • Added "unit" as a measurement option in Inventory management.


Medical Record

  • You can now hide Medical Record Quick Links that you do not use.  If integration's are enabled, the links for those integration's cannot be hidden.  For example, if you are using the Anesthetic Monitoring Form, you cannot hide the link for this.  Links can only be hidden by users with Business Manager or Owner Roles.  To configure the Medical Record Quick Links, go to Settings> Medical Record Settings, "Medical Record Quick Links" option and select the links you would like to be displayed.


Merge Field

  • We have added a new merge field called "Patient Barcode".  The field can be printed on patient documents and used to search for a patient.  Just scan the barcode from any patient search field.


Purchase Orders

  • We have added the option to use lots when receiving a Purchase Order.  If "Use Lots?" is selected, you will be required to enter a lot and expiration date.  If not selected, even if you have used lots in the past, you will not be required to enter a lot and expiration date.


  • When receiving a Purchase Order, you can choose whether to add the received quantity to a negative on hand amount.  If this is not selected and you have a negative amount on hand for the item, it will not include the negative amount when adding QOH, and only include the amount being received from the purchase order.


  • Added the ability to select an existing client as a referral from the Client page under General Information.  Begin typing the client name and  it will return a list of clients matching the search criteria.  If the referral is not an existing client, just type in the name and save. 



  • Added a Payment Plan report that will report error transactions, processed transactions, and scheduled transactions for a particular date range.


  • Added a Client Referral Report that allows you to report on Client referrals and Non-Client referrals.  To run the Report, go to your Reports menu, select the "Client Referral Report" and select New Run.


  • The Client report can now be filtered by "Client Status".


  • The Patient Reminder report can now be filtered by "Client Status".



  • You can now limit log-in access to your Practice by IP address.  This will prevent users from accessing eVetPractice outside of the IP address range that is specified.  To enable this option, go to Settings> Miscellaneous settings section.  Select "Enable IP Address Filter?".


  • To Configure the rules go to Employee Management.


  • Click the "Add IP Address Range" link.


  • Add the IP Address rules that you would like to apply for logging into your practice.  You can enter an IP address range and have the system restrict who can access the system based on their client IP address and whether it falls into the range specified.  Multiple ranges are supported. It is a good practice to exclude yourself from the IP address filter before setting this up, to be sure that you do not lose access to your system when configuring it for the first time.  See how to exclude an employee from the IP address filter below.


  • To exclude an employee from the IP address filter, edit the employee profile and select the option to "Exclude from the IP Address Filter".


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