Configuring Drug Routes for Administration Value Calculation

In eVetPractice, you have the ability to have an Administration Value chart display, based on Dosage Calculations, to use as a reference when dispensing items. In this article, you will find information on:

  • Configuring Drug Routes
  • Configuring Dosage values, by route, for an Inventory Item
  • Viewing the Administration Value chart based on Route and dosage information selected

Configure Drug Routes

Create new and/or rename existing Drug Routes. You can create multiple drug routes of the same type, but to be used for specific species calculations, as well.

  • Go to Gear icon > Inventory or click the Inventory menu option if on the Home screen (calendar) in the blue bar.
  • Choose the Manage Drug Routes


  • To rename an existing Drug Route, choose its name from the Route drop-down menu. Then update the Name field, for example, to append the Species name. Hit Save.


  • To create a new Drug Route name, choose –Select or Add – option from the Route drop-down menu. Enter the desired route, and, if desired, add the species name, in the Name field. Hit Save.


 Configure Dosages Settings by Route

  • Click the edit pencil under the Dosages column beside the desired Inventory item. If there is not an edit pencil, the Inventory item may not have an appropriate sell measure and/or Concentration value defined on it.


  • The Manage Dosages screen opens.
    • Choose the desired route name from the Route drop-down menu.
    • Enter min/max/default dosage values.
    • Hit Save.
      • After hitting saving, you can choose another route name, configure dosage values, and save again. Repeat as necessary.


Viewing the Administration Chart

  • When you add the inventory item as a Treatment, you’ll be able to choose the desired route (or "route + species" name  from the Route drop-down menu and adjust the Dosage value (if needed) to see the updated Administration value chart, based on the most recent recorded patient’s weight.
  • Note: The Administration Chart is for calculation usage only. The calculated value will not save nor the data persist (be remembered) of what you chose in the Route drop-down or entered in the Dosage field.


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